Private Guide in Istanbul
Private Guide in Istanbul

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The virtual trip include:

Archeological Museum
Beylerbeyi Palace
Blue Mosque
Ciragan Palace
City Walls
Dolmabahce Palace
Ecumenical Patriarchal Church
Eyup Mosque
Egyptian Bazaar
Galata Tower
Grand Bazaar
  Chora Church - Kariye
Kucuksu Palace
Maiden's Tower
Miniature Museum
Mosaic Museum
Naval Museum
Rumeli Hisar Fortress
Saint Sophia
Street Markets
Suleymaniye Mosque
Tea & Narghile
Topkapi Palace
Underground Cistern
Yildiz Chalet
Yildiz Palace
Yildiz Park
Yildiz Porcelain Factory

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Discover the old Constantinople and the modern Istanbul with a private tourist guide !

Don't pay one of those "15 minutes here.........20 minutes there" tours !!!
Take your time, make your own decisions and plan your own route.
Enjoy your stay in Istanbul!

Istanbul Tour Proposal

With a tour proposal on your hands and some tips that we provide to you, you will spare a lot of time and energy ! Going to the right places at the right time, with a smooth and well done itinerary. This service includes tips, travel information and questions to be answered.
Guia Privado em Istambul - Guia Particular em Istambul -  Constantinopla, Istambul ponte entre o Oriente e Ocidente !

Istanbul Photos
Istanbul Street Cat Photos

In Istanbul you will have the opportunity tovisit glorious and magnificent palaces, built in different periods of history, in distinctive styles, like the Dolmabahce, Topkapi and Beylerbeyi Palaces. Enjoy tourist and historical sites, such as the church of Saint Sophia and Chora (Kariye), the famous Blue Mosque and Suleymaniye Mosque, the Underground Cistern and the Archeological Museum.

Feel the magic in the ancient religious ritual of the Dervish. In the Grand Bazaar you can shop local accesible prices instead of tourists prices !!

You will get to know special places where Turks usually go and tourists don't get a chance to see !!

Because we do love Istanbul and we wanted to be able to show this city in cyberspace we made this site with a Internet cyber tour in Istanbul. Even without beeing in Istanbul you can get to know this beautifull city through a virtual tour. If you already have been in Istanbul, enjoy your cyber visit.

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Istanbul private tourist guide

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