Churches in Istanbul

Although Turkey is a Muslim country, you will been impressed to see in several points of the city Catholic and orthodox churches.

During the Ottoman Empire the churches were not destroyed and they are today a respect sign for the Catholic religion. Several churches exists until today and celebrate masses for a minority of Armenian and Greeks. We will speak about the most important churches:

Saint Sophia Church
Saint Sophia  Church

It was built in 360 DC by the emperor Constantino, its layout and decoration are typical of a Church of the Byzantine era. It is located today at Sultan Ahmet's square in front of the blue Mosque.
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Kariye Mosque or Holy Church
Holy Church
Built in 413 DC it is located inside the walls of old Constantinople, rich in mosaics and afrescos.
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Ecumenical Patriarchal Church
Ecumenical Patriarchal Church
The Patriarchate's origin can be traced back to the fourth century when Byzantion (called later on Constantinople and today Istanbul) was a small Greek city-state.
You will be able to see very beautiful icons and mosaics.
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