Miniature Museum in Istanbul

The miniature museum in Istanbul was opened in 2003. It is a magnificent museum with miniature models of over 100 architectural works representing the rich historical and cultural heritage of Turkey. All miniatures were made in a scale of 1/25 with the aesthetic sensibility.

The miniature museum is called Miniaturk and was built on the shores of the historic Golden Horn district of Istanbul, with quality models, infrastructure and landscaping, Miniaturk is joining the family of miniature parks in the world.

Miniaturk - Miniature Museum in Istanbul

Without neglecting or excluding any of the historical and cultural values of Turkey, Miniaturk embraces all. While underlying the idea that this geographic part of the world is the cradle of many prominent civilizations, it also proves that diversity means richness.

In brief, there is room in Miniaturk for different cultures in addition to Turkish culture. By being the "showcase" for the distinguished examples of the historical and cultural heritage of this geography, Miniaturk also declares to be the "heir" to this heritage.

If you spend enough time it is worth to see the miniature museum in Istanbul. After that you can also have a look at Eyup district.

Miniaturk - Miniature Museum in Istanbul

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