A Spiritual Journey with Dervish

Spinning around a center or the unity

More than 700 years ago, after the death of Mawlana Mohammed Jalalud-din, his Son, Sultan Valad founded the Mevlana Sect to spread the philosophical ideas of his father. In a mystic sense the ceremony of Mevlana symbolizes the Divine Love and passion, the spiritual maturity and the path of unification with the Divine Truth.

All of `small or big things` are part of the creation: atoms and their elements, the solar system and their components or even the blood in our body. With a level of awareness and intelligence, and a soul which distinguishes humans from all other creatures, man alone can consciously take part in this experience and thus approach Divine Love and Unity. The Sema is a spiritual journey of love towards Divine Truth in which the soul reaches maturity and union with God and then returns to this life to love and be of service to mankind.

The Mawlana ceremony at Sirkeci train station, (famous Orient Express train station) were suspended and it is being held at the Hodjapashain Cultural Center which building was a Turkish bath. It starts at 19:30 o'clock and there are ceremonies every day of the week except Tuesday and Thursday. The ceremony takes one hour.

Spinning a kind of meditation

The ceremony begins with readings from the Koran. There is a ceremonial entry of the Dervishes and Sheik into the mosque.

Then the Dervishes remove their black outer coat revealing their white clothing. This symbolizes getting rid of everything that connects them to the material world. One by one with their arms folded around their chest they approach the sheik, bow, kiss his hand and begin pirouetting.

The music is played ecstatically and the Dervishes pirouette for about 10 minutes. This sequence repeats four times. While they pirouette, one hand is pointed at the sky and the other to the earth symbolizing the blessings of heaven given to earth.

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