Eyup Mosque

Eyup Mosque

Eyup mosque was the first mosque built after the Turks took Constantinople. One of the first Muslims, Ebu Eyup El-Sari was killed in the Arab army's in the year 668 AC. Sultan Fatih Mehmet's religious teacher found to what he said to be Eyup's tomb.

Sultan Fatih built a large tomb, a mosque and a soup kitchen in that location. The interior is magnificent with gold leafed decorations, elegant chandeliers hanging from the dome, and carpets covering the floor.


The tomb of Eyup Sultan was built in 1485 and its wall is covered with tiles of several periods. For hundred years those seeking miracles have made pilgrimages to the tomb. The grill inside the tomb in front of the sarcophaguse made of pure silver and was a gift of Sultan Selim III.

Inside Eyup Mosque

Eyup district is the most religious one in Istanbul. In spring and summer time you will find little boys dressed up for circumcision parties praying in the mosque. You will also be able to see a lot of women, totally covered with black cloths doing their daily pray.

If you are there on Friday- which is the most important day of the week for the moslems, you will be able to see a crowd of people praying in and outside the mosque.

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