Christmas in Turkey
We wish you a Merry Xmas

Turkey is a Moslem country. Although there are Catholic and Jewish minorities, mostly Turks are Moslems. The Turkish minorities live in peace with Turkish Moslems and have their own places of worship. You will find churches and synagogues all over Istanbul.

For the Moslems, December 24th is not a date that commemorates Jesus' birth . They do have Jesus at their Koran (Moslems' Holy book) but the mostly important figure in their religion is Mohammed the prophet.

At the end of the year, Istanbul will be decorated with lights all over it's main streets, but this is done to commemorate the new year.

We wish you a Merry Xmas!

Interesting things could be seen in Istanbul as Santa Claus gives sweets to children on the streets or shopping malls and Christmas trees have a place in some Turkish houses and shops.

This is a sign that the west mentality has come to Turkey.

Another interesting fact is that they give each other a gift at new year eve but not on the 24th of December.

Here are some orginal gifts you can give in Xmas:

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Turkish Amulet against Evil Eye

Here you can buy the Turkish evil eye amulet:

evil eye amulet as pendant;
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Turkish apple tea

Delicious Turkish apple tea, loved by all tourists who come to Turkey. This tea is served in many commercial establishments and also tea gardens.
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Black Turkish tea

Delicious black Turkish tea drank by Turks in a glass cup. This tea is served anywhere at anytime !?
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