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Istanbul Tour Proposal
including tips, travel information, questions to be answered

So you will come to Istanbul and the service of a private guide is a little bit expensive to have or you want to discover the old Constantinople by yourself...

We offer here an advice service for you. You tell us the exact dates you will be visiting Istanbul, answer a questionnaire so that we can learn more about your interests and we make a tour proposal for you combining at the same time days that museums and palaces are open and distances from each spot.

With a tour proposal on your hands and some tips that we provide to you, you will spare a lot of time and energy ! Going to the right places at the right time, with a smooth and well done itinerary !

Tour Proposal  special for you
Price : 20 Euros

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We also give tips of places that tourists would not find if they are by themselves, tips for a second visit in Istanbul, tips about places that are not visit by tourist at all but by Turks.

We allow you to change and review your tour proposal at most 4 times, we allow you to make at most 10 different questions about Istanbul and your visit.

You buy the service on-line with credit card from a secure site and you will receive by email all information needed to start the process.

Price of this service: 20 Euros Click here to buy this service

Note: For information about escort services in Istanbul please write to: . Please do check our references !

Consultancy about any matter regarding Istanbul or Turkey

So you have a lot of questions on your mind about Istanbul and Turkey and would be grateful to find somebody trustworthy to help you ! So here we are !

Do you have questions like...

  • different kind of business consultancies

  • you are a foreigner and you will marry to a Turk and want to know more about living conditions in Turkey and get in touch with other foreigners who live in Turkey

  • you will come to live in Turkey and want help on different matters like: how to rent a house in Istanbul, schools for your kids in Turkey, living conditions, recreation spots,etc...

  • you want any material to be translated

  • your son or daughter will stay for a year with a student exchange program in Turkey and you want to learn more about the living conditions and you have thousand of questions on your mind...
etc...etc..... we can help you with any matter regarding Turkey !

To start the process please write us an email with your requests to istanbulguia . The price for each service will depend on how many hours we will spend in a search for your answers and how long will be your report. You will receive instructions on how to pay for the service from a secure on-line credit-card site.


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