Virtual Spice Bazar
Virtual Spice Bazar

Turkish cuisine is very curious for those who like to travel and enjoy to taste diferent foods.
The variety of Turkish cuisine, the way the ingredients are mixed and of course,
exotic spices are a suberb taste of orient.

If you were in the spice bazaar in Istanbul and forgot to buy some spices.
Do not worry ... you will find them in our virtual spice bazaar!

Spices from Turkey

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Apple tea original from Turkey

We sell:

Condiments (seasonings):
turkish condiment for meat to sell
turkish condiment for kofte (turkish meatbaals) to sell
turkish condiment for fish to sell
turkish condiment for stuffed grape leaves or cabbage leaves to sell

Turkish Coffee original from Turkey

spice bazaar in istanbul

turkish pinyon to sell
small grape used in turkish rice ic pilav
sumak turkish spice with limon flavour to sell
black pepper to sell
green pepper to sell
mixed pepper to sell
red pepper to sell
henna to dye hair to sell


To drink:
apple tea to sell
pomegranate tea to sell
black tea to sell
turkish coffee to sell
sahlep, special turkish drink to sell














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