In this site, you will find many resources for you or your company to conduct better and more profitable business with the Turkish companies. You will be able to find a lot of use for the information given in these pages.

If you:
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than you will find content that will interest you in our pages.


Free discussion board for all.

Use our free discussion form where you can post your messages to sell, buy, tell or ask something.


Free information about Turkey and businessCheck out our INFORMATION section. You will find a lot of helpful details there. One of the best ways to enter a market or increase your market share is to use free information. Need more information? Check out our Turkish Counselors page. We have a section for the weather in Turkey for the average temperatures and also you can see the weather today in all major areas. Check this page before you come to Turkey. It is good to know the public holidays before you call or before you come to Turkey. See our money page for the Turkish money details. Banks give you some idea about our banking and credit cards are for those who use plastics a lot. Traveling costs are for travelers who want to make their budget before they come here. And one and only Turkish Airlines. One of the best airlines in the world. Try it and see!.


See what we can do for you in our OUR SERVICES section. We work as an agency or a representation for your company, we can make your business trips turn to success stories, we can help you overcome the language barriers. If you want to make a private city tour of Istanbul, check out our instructive pages that tell about almost all the important points of interest. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you need further information.


Shop by us.If you feel like shopping, feel free to spend some time by our shop. We have the best products made from hand woven wool and leather articles for men and women. World wide known Turkish kilim is used together with the best quality Turkish leather to produce everyday articles like briefcases, purses, travel cases, backpacks, shoes and slippers, address books.

Check out our crystals for the beauty or for the healing.

Jokes of TurkeyWe have gathered Turkish jokes which are 600 years old. Visit our jokes section to understand more the Turkish mentality. But do not forget that these jokes are very old and the life today is quite different.


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